Synthetic Life - The Tools of Creation

August 8, 2016


Tools of Creation

Explorations is an ongoing series of videos from Bryan Johnson about the benefits of synthetic biology. Topics include artificial intelligence, genomics, neurobiology, synthetic biology, transportation and space exploration.

Bryan Johnson is the founder of OS Fund. The OS Fund invests in entrepreneurs that are "rewriting the operating systems of life for a quantum leap in progress".

The series, not surprisingly, centers around the premise that life can be programmed in ways we have yet to imagine. All we need to know is how to write the code. Change the genetic code of a tree, so it grows into a house, instead of a tree. Crack the code of the brain, to program it for superintelligence.

The videos come off a bit like a company advertisement, but the future forecasts come from working experts in the field expressing their vision of the future. So, if you want the promise, without the peril, of synthetic biology, check these videos out.

The first video in the series is Code is the New Language of Creation | Explorations with Bryan Johnson | Tools of Creation


The second video in the series is The Future of Human Intelligence | Explorations with Bryan Johnson | Neurotechnology


The third video in the series is Changing the Nature of Nature | Explorations with Bryan Johnson | Synthetic Biology