Panasonic’s Vision of the Future

Panasonic Corporation has unveiled its latest concepts and consumer technologies

January 16, 2017


Panasonic Corporation unveiled its latest concepts and consumer technologies at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Here are some of the products from their Future Tech Lab.


This video highlights the Panasonic Multilingual Translation System, a round ice cream sandwich looking device that can translate phrases from six different languages.



Panasonic’s vision of the future kitchen includes a transparent TV screen and induction cooking.



The Panasonic smart table looks very cool. You will be able display messages on the table itself, control connected products throughout your smart home, display video, and even heat or cool the drinks on the table.



The Panasonic Autonomous Cabin Concept.



More than a concept car, Panasonic has loaded the Chrysler Portal concept with existing infotainment technology designed to deliver a personal driver-passenger experience. Facial and voice recognition technology where the car gets to know you, heads up virtual displays that connect to your smart home, and personal-zone audio allowing everyone in the car to enjoy a unique listening experience. Expect to enjoy this technology on the road in the very near future.







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