Smart Jacket

March 23, 2017



Levi's® has integrated Google's Jacquard technology into a jacket designed for urban commuters.

Jacquard is a Google project to create connected, touch-sensitive textiles. Levi's® has teamed up with Project Jacquard to make a smart denim jacket.

The core of Jacquard technology is the conductive ‘yarn’ that can be weaved into fabrics using standard, industrial looms. The conductive yarn is made by wrapping standard yarn around wire made from special metallic alloys. The magic here is in the strength and flexibility of the ultra-thin wire, and the idea that everything but a detachable smart tag can be thrown in the washer.

The conductive yarn can be used to connect electronic circuitry, like a switch or LED in the sleeve, to a tiny computer hidden in the jacket. It can also be arranged in a pattern to create sensor grids that can enable objects such as clothes and furniture to be transformed into interactive surfaces.



The smart tag is the brains of the outfit, providing connectivity to the cloud and the Internet of Things. With access to the cloud, the coat could actually tell you if it’s jacket weather, though I'm not sure it will.

Smart fashion is the trend of the future, as components shrink in size and computers become ubiquitous.


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