Learn to Code for Free

May 24, 2018





Don't get replaced by a robot, become their masters. Learning how to code or knowing just the basics of coding, could help future-proof your career.


Here are some websites that offer free lessons on coding for beginners.


Edabit - Learn to code with interactive challenges


Codeacademy - Free online coding


EdX - online learning from MIT and Harvard University


Free Code Camp - Get experience by coding for nonprofits


Upskill - Learn to code for free


Codewars - Achieve code mastery througha collective challenge


The Odin Project - Your Career in Web Development Starts Here


Khan Academy - You can learn anything for free.


Dash - teaches you the basics of web development


HackerRank - Practice coding. Compete. Find jobs.


Scratch - Create stories, games, and animations (for younger students)



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