Future Earth 2116

future of earth

What will the Earth look like in one hundred years from now in 2116? Will there be abundance or shortages of Earth's natural resources? What role will technology play in Earth's future? How will the choices we make today affect the future of Earth?

Samsung asked some of the world's leading futurists their opinion on the future--these are some of their answers.

3D printed homes - homes will be printed using swarms of drones.

Exotic Power Sources - Nuclear fusion and Solar Arrays in space.

Building Big - Cities of the future will use strong and versatile building materials, such as carbon nanotubes.

Cities Under the Sea - will split water to make oxygen and hydrogen fuel.

City in a Building - called acologies.

Building Deep - Cities underground.

Man-Machine Sybiosis - lines blur between what is human and what is not.

Eye on the Sky - Larger and better telescopes.

DIY Healthcare - medical scanning common at home.

Designer Humans - gene editing.

Scramjet - Sub-orbital travel

Colonizing Mars - Increased chance of survival of the species.


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