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Smart Mirror

smart mirror

Smart Mirror with artificial intelligence and facial recognition

December 11, 2017


Smart Tshirt

smart shirt

Tells you number of steps, floors climbed, calories burnt, and can also provide tactile GPS navigation.

December 08, 2017


Exosuit Helps Workers Lift Without Motors or Electronics


Lowes and Virginia Tech are working on an exosuit to make lifting easier for workers.

December 07, 2017


A Teachable Machine

machine learning

Machine learning using your camera - no coding required

December 06, 2017


Smart Toothbrush

smart toothbrush

A high-tech toothbrush that will brush your teeth in 3 seconds

December 04, 2017


Mars City 2117

Mars city

A virtual reality video tour of a city on Mars from the World Government Summit

December 03, 2017


Autonomous Concept Car

Concept Car

The Nissan IMx is an electric concept vehicle offering fully autonomous operation

December 02, 2017


Impressive Robots

Snake robot and exoskeleton

State of the art snake and big arm robot, and a new exoskeleton concept

November 29, 2017


Roost Smart Battery

Roost Smart Battery for smoke alarm

The Roost Smart Battery turns your current smoke alarm into a smart home device just by replacing the battery

November 28, 2017


Virtual reality electric shoes

Virtual reality electric shoes

The project by Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters allows you to walk in VR without hitting a wall

November 27, 2017


Help the Planet - Plant a Tree

tree planting robot

Some 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year

November 26, 2017


GEIO Battle Bots with AI and Visual Recognition


Kickstarter campaign for an AI and First Person Shooter battle bot, GEIO, that works with your smart phone

November 24, 2017


Virtual Reality for the Other Senses

haptic glove

Adding smell, taste and touch to virtual reality

November 22, 2017


Artificial Meteor Shower

man-made shooting stars

The first artificial meteor shower has been scheduled for early 2019

November 21, 2017


South Pole Energy Challenge

South Pole Energy Challenge

Father and son on 600 mile journey to South Pole using only renewable energy sources

November 20, 2017


Smart Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Speed is controlled by gyroscopes and sensors in the board that monitor your body's movements

November 19, 2017


Amazing Atlas Robot Does a Backflip

atlas robot

Boston Dynamics Atlas humanoid robot shows off its agility

November 17, 2017


Four-legged battle-bots use augmented reality

mekamon spider robot

Control from your phone

November 16, 2017


Augmented Reality Flight Simulator for Drones

AR flight simulator for drones

Smart glasses allow you to learn to fly a drone

November 14, 2017


Trolling for Phishing

rescam chatbot

Re:scam AI chatbot poses as different people to engage spammers so they spend time writing to a chatbot instead of targeting real people.

November 10, 2017


Waymo Self Driving Cars in a New Phase of Testing

waymo self driving car

Waymo autonomous cars are now on public roads without a human backup in the driver's seat

November 08, 2017


Fruit Loop or Hyperloop?


The Pros and Cons of Hyperloop Transportation

November 07, 2017


Meet Mini-Max


Max Verstappen meets Mini-Max and tests cool robotic arms

November 06, 2017


Replika the AI Chatbot


Need a friend that really understands you? Replika can become a digital copy of yourself

November 05, 2017


One Day a Week

meatless monday

Sir Paul McCartney asks you to do this once a week, to help save the planet and all of its inhabitants

November 04, 2017



Robotic weeder

A solar powered weeding robot for home gardens

November 03, 2017


Robotic Track Loader

Robotic Track Loader

Autonomous Earthmover

November 02, 2017





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