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Researchers Uncover What Causes Cancer Cells to Spread

preventing the spread of cancer

New possibilities for preventing the spread of cancer in the body

June 22, 2017


The Global Goals

global goals

Mr Bean joins the global movement in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

June 20, 2017


Solar Paint is 'Revolutionary'

lipnet lip reading software

Get an endless supply of energy simply by painting your house

June 17, 2017


Lipreading - Machine Learning Versus Humans

lipnet lip reading software

Accept the challenge

June 14, 2017


Instantly rechargeable car battery

John Cushman, Purdue University

Could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles

June 11, 2017


Which Renewable Energy Technology Holds the Most Promise

renewable energy sources

What are the pros and cons of renewable energy technologies? Which energy technology will be used most in the future to supply electricity?

June 08, 2017


Transform Bad Selfies into Good Selfies with AI

reversing death with stem cells

Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve your looks.

June 06, 2017


Reversing Death With Stem Cells

reversing death with stem cells

Scientists Hope to Use Stem Cells to Reverse Death in Controversial Study

June 03, 2017


New DJI Spark Mini Drone is Amazing!

dji spark drone

The performance and features of the DJI Spark is something you must see. (w/video)

May 27, 2017




#IamRemarkable was created to empower women to overcome modesty norms, in order to facilitate necessary self-promotion in the work environment.

May 23, 2017


Google Daydream VR Immersive Computing

daydream vr system

A virtual reality system without cables

May 21, 2017


50/50 Day


Tiffany Shlain interviews Eva Longoria on 50/50 Day

May 17, 2017


Phones for All


Mobile Phones: The Farmer’s New Tool video (narrated by Melinda Gates)

May 15, 2017


Well, Shut My Mouth


A personal mute device for private conversations

May 11, 2017


March for Science

march for science

People around the world march to stand up for science.

May 08, 2017


New Artificial Womb

artificial womb

An artificial womb is created to allow a lamb to develop outside the womb.

April 26, 2017


Lilium VTOL Jet

lilium jet

This is the future of commuter travel

April 24, 2017


Google Earth VR


An amazing new version of Google Earth

April 23, 2017


Facebook Spaces

facebook spaces

Facebook Spaces is a new social platform set in VR

April 21, 2017


Medical Tricorder Technology


A winner has been announced in the XPRIZE Qualcomm Tricorder Challenge

April 19, 2017


Water from Air

Water from Air

A major breakthrough for harvesting water from the atmosphere

April 17, 2017


Virtual Presence

virtual presence

Projecting your image

April 12, 2017





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