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 Life Like Robots

human looking woman robot Robotic engineers are designing the next generation of robots to look, feel and act more human, to make it  easier for us to warm up to a cold machine.

Realistic looking hair and skin with embedded sensors will allow robots to react naturally in their environment. For example, a robot that senses your touch on the shoulder and turns to greet you.

Subtle actions by robots that typically go unnoticed between people, help bring them to life and can also relay  non verbal communication.

Artificial eyes that move and blink. Slight chest movements that simulate breathing. Man made muscles to change facial expressions. These are all must have attributes for the socially acceptable robots of the future.

lifelike robot woman

The brain behind the beauty will be the key to turning a realistic looking machine into a life like robot. AI plays a pivotal role in successful human/robot interaction.


HRP-4C Singing robot (video)

HRP-4C, AIST, close-up (video)

Life-like walking female robot (video)

Ultra-Lifelike Robot Debuts in Japan

Kokoro Actroid DER2

Joey Chaos video


Eva the female robot

Girl robot sings

Project Aiko

Hanson Robotics

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Robotic Pets

Robotic Pets



Pets of the future might be robots with artificial intelligence.

Robotic Pets

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Ping Pong Playing Robot
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Rescue Robots

Imagine yourself lost deep in the forest on a cold autumn night and nightfall is rapidly approaching. Too windy for search aircraft and too dark for ground teams, this could be a life threatening situation. Fortunately for you, it is ten years into the future and hundreds of tiny intelligent robots will be combing the woods for you throughout the night.

All terrain robots (ATRs), will truly function as a team by sharing their locations, discoveries, search patterns and more. Large ATRs could carry many smaller robots and provide them with localized control and power.

These smaller more specialized robots will have cameras, sonar, heat sensors, motion detectors and can be sent out by the large ATRs as needed. Smaller robots might work together to perform tasks such as moving a large obstacle.

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Robots go where scientists fear to tread

Domestic bot plans its way to the kettle

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 Robotic Competitions

baby playing with robot

The ultimate goal of the RoboCup project is to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion team in soccer by the year 2050.

The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in competitions.

RoboCup web site

FIRST Robotics Competition

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Robotic Insects

robot bug

Insects have come up with many interesting solutions for the problems that future robots will have to deal with like cooperation,  specialized movement and adapting to changing environments. Robotic engineers are incorporating examples found in nature into their designs.

Robot Insects

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Wearable bionic suits are being developed primarily for the military to allow soldiers to carry heavier loads and to conserve energy. Better uses for exoskeletons are assisting rescue workers move heavy objects and bionics for motor-impaired patients.

Exoskeleton Robotic Suit


Bionic Breakthroughs

Biomechatronics at MIT

Medical Exoskeleton

Bionic power suit for nurses

Exoskeletons Around the World - Pictorial

Rehabilitation Bionics

Building the Real Iron Man

The Exoskeleton: Advanced Robotics

Japan researchers unveil robot suit for farmers

Personal Exoskeletons for Paraplegics

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Featured Multimedia

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Robot Articles, Blogs and Web Sites

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Robotics Articles
Title Source Date
Robots gaining on humans at faster rate Associated Press 03/15
Robear the robot helps patients in Japan Daily Mail 02/15
Soft robotics 'toolkit' Harvard 10/14
Meet Pepper, the emotional robot CNN 06/14
What does the assistive robot of the future look like? Georgia Tech 10/13
Meet Linda, the robot security guard The Telegraph 08/13
The truth is no stranger than fiction when it comes to robots The Conversation 08/13
Kilobots are leaving the nest Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 08/13
With Evolved Brains, Robots Creep Closer To Animal-Like Learning Fast Company 02/13
Muscle-Like Action Allows Camera to Mimic Human Eye Movement Georgia Tech 07/12
Sensor-laden humanoid robot platform Gizmag 06/12
Robotville: the androids are coming Gizmag 12/11
Robot Prison Guards WSJ Asia 11/11
Robot That Can Learn, Think And Act By Itself KurzweilAi.net 08/11
Robot household helpers MIT News 05/11
How Can Robots Get Our Attention? Georgia Tech 03/11
Evolutionary robotics: for robust robots, let them be babies first KurzweilAI.net 01/11
2010 robots review video IT World 12/10
World's First Robot Census Technology Review 10/10
Low-cost robotic gripper replaces human hand and fingers KurzweilAI.net 10/10
Japan takes another step in replacing humans with robots Phys.Org 09/10
Electronic skin can feel a fly's footsteps Stanford Report 09/10
Engineers make artificial skin out of nanowires UC Berkeley 09/10
MIT researchers unveil autonomous oil-absorbing robot MIT News 08/10
Shape-shifting robots MIT News 08/10
Telenoid R1: Hiroshi Ishiguro's Newest and Strangest Android Automation 07/10
Robots get an artificial skin Phys.Org 07/10
HIRO III lets you feel what you see on screen (w/Video) Phys.Org 07/10
Sand-swimming sandfish lizard Georgia Tech 06/10
Advances made in walking, running robots Phys.Org 05/10
Robot uses human mind tricks to navigate New Scientist 02/09


Robot Web Sites and Blogs
Title Description
21st Century Robot - Jimmy Intel
Amlux Flickr image
ARMAR-III Robot that learns via touch (Phys.Org w/ Video)
ASIMO Honda humanoid robot
Boston Dynamics BigDog//Rhex/Petman/RiSe/Squishbot
Case Biorobotics Lab Case Western Reserve University
Center for Intelligent Mechatronics Rehabilitation robotics
Christian the walking bug robot Flickr image
Claytronics Project Modular robots
COGNIRON The Cognitive Robot Companion Project funded by the European Commission
DOMO Force sensing MIT robot
Dustbot Trash Pickup Robots
HIRO Human Interactive Robot
HRP-3 AIST Humanoid Robot
Humanoid Robotics Institute Waseda University, Japan
i-foot Flickr image
InMoov Open source 3D printable robot
I-Sobot Tomy
JPL Robotics JPL
Kondo Kondo Kagaku
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems EPFL
LOVOTICS Love + Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Robotic operating system
NAO Humanoid robot
Nexi MIT Media Lab
Owen Holland Anthropomimetic robots
PR2 Willow Garage
PETMAN - BigDog gets a Big Brother Boston Dynamics
RoboCommunity Robot Blog
RoboEarth World Wide Web for robots
Robo-Erectus Advanced Robotics & Intelligent Control Centre
Robo Garage Tomotaka Takahashi
RoboSingularity Robot Blog
Robot Flickr image
Robotics Alliance Project NASA Robotics
Robotics Blog Robot blog
Robotics research Directory of robotic research in Japan
Robotorama Robot Blog
Robots Podcast
Robots.net All the news that's fit to assimilate
Robots Dreams Robot news blog
Robot Magazine Robot Emagazine
ROCR Wall climbing robot
Rovio Remote surveillance robot
Shalab Shuji Hashimoto Laboratory
Sony Robot History Sony robot web site
Stickybot Wall climbing robot
Superbot Modular robot
Talking robot Takanishi Lab
Tell Me Dave Making Robots Follow Human Commands
Toyota Robots Toyota partner robot web site
TurtleBots Personal robot kit from Willow Garage
WAM Arm Robotic arm
Willow Garage Open source software for personal robotics applications
Xpero Embodied cognitive system


Robot Video and Audio
Title Source
ABB Concept Robot FRIDA Youtube
Adelopod Tumbling Robot Youtube
A flying robot that can walk Youtube
Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot (Like a bat) Youtube
Flying Robot Seagull Youtube
HPI G-Dog Robot Youtube
Japanese Robot Of The Year Youtube (2007)
Jules Youtube
Jumping robot New Scientist video
Interview With a Robot NY Times
MIT's Nexi MDS Robot: First Test of Expression Youtube
Pregnant robot teaches med students Youtube
Robotic Arms NSF
Robot Fish Youtube
Robot Violinist Youtube
(Tiny) Reconfigurable Robots at MIT Youtube
Transformer Robot Youtube
VGO active presence robot Youtube


Article Sources
Life like robots Article by ffa
Image 1 credit: Gnsin
Image 2 credit: angela n.
Robot Pets Image courtesy of mikewade
Rescue Robots Article by ffa
Robocup Image Courtesy of hello_naomi (Flickr) and the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory


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