Tree Planting Charities

November 26, 2017




Trees turn an ordinary city street into a pleasant strolling ground, providing shade, color, and texture. They also soak up carbon dioxide and stabilize soil, which helps to clean up the air we breathe and guard against flooding.


Some 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year—equivalent to 48 football fields every minute. - WWF


Deforestation can be caused by logging for wood and paper products, cutting forests to plant crops or graze livestock, to make room for growing urban areas, and from natural causes like wildfires and pests.


You can help by getting involved or by donating. There are quite a few charitable organizations that will plant a tree with your donation. There is even a search engine that plants trees with their ad revenue.




51 facts on deforestation

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue

Global Forest Watch

International Tree Foundation

Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects



The Corporation for National and Community Service

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

International Tree Foundation

American Forest Foundation


Trees Forever



Arbor Day Foundation

National Forest Foundation

The MillionTrees Project

The Eden Projects

Plant a Billion Trees

The Canopy Project

Using drones to plant trees





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