Future of Space

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

Future space exploration could have a profound effect on society (even more than it already has). A better understanding of our place in the universe could change long standing beliefs. Space mining could help replenish Earth's resources or provide new minerals. Colonization of other worlds might even save society itself.


Space Tourism

Space Tourism

Have you ever dreamed of going to space? In the past, if you wanted to leave this planet you had to dedicate your life to becoming an astronaut. Even then, there is only a select few that ever get to see Earth in the rear view mirror.

Space Tourism and suborbital travel links

Teachers in Space - Space Frontier Foundation

The Rocketplane

Armadillo Aerospace

Scaled Composites

Virgin Galactic


Mission to Mars

satellite over earth


NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s

Mars Exploration


Is the Space Station Flying Over Your City?

satellite over earth


Check out a list of quick and easy satellite  and space shuttle sightings in cities all over the world.

You enter your location and you find out when and where the International Space Station and other orbiting satellites can be seen from your view.

Satellite sighting times and locations


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