Future Technology and Society

Society may be in for a shock. Future technologies like invisible cameras, ubiquitous computers, transhumanism and the Singularity will challenge long-standing beliefs and practices. According to many futurists, a child born today might likely see all of those things and more. That's if, of course, they survive the transition from who we are, to who we need to be.

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About Jack Hanson

Jack Hanson

Jack is not your typical future technology blogger. As an early baby boomer, he's lost a bit of his bang. Not intending to be cruel, Facebook recently notified him that his schoolmates at General Equivalency Diploma, really want to be friends again. His yearly income averages just above his monthly urges. In spite of that, or because of it, Jack has a lust for living, a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to contribute to a better future for all.


A nerdy social misfit with a head full of phobias and a quirky sense of humor, his personality has been described as "Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory--without the genious part".


Jack Hanson is solely responsible for the articles, editing and web design of FutureForAll.org.

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