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May 17, 2018



citizen science help classify flowers



You don’t need any expertise to participate in any citizen science projects. Zooniverse makes it easy for anyone to contribute to real academic research, on their own computer, at their own convenience.


I've helped with several projects in the past and it can be interesting and fun. It involves looking at pictures of space, penguins, or historical text, for example, and telling Zooniverse what you see. That's it! Sometimes, you might be looking at images from a huge database that no one else has seen, and can make a discovery. When the science starts feeling like work, I stop, but I get the impression I did my part to help save the world.


Right now they have two new projects available that need your help, Rainforest Flowers and Shakespeare's World



  • References

  • Flower image By James Petts from London, England (Exotic flower) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons




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