CES 2017 Review

Consumer Electronics Show 2017 Review

January 08, 2017


Lenovo Smart Assistant


There was no ground breaking news coming from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, but there was still some very cool gadgets. If you eliminate the 'wacky' products that may never reach the mainstream, thinner TV's with higher resolutions, and Amazon Alexa were the most written about products. Virtual reality technology is getting some poor reviews.


Some of my favorite products shown were the LG Robot, an Alexa-to-LG appliances personal assistant. The Chrysler Portal Concept was interesting. The LG W7 4K OLED TV is ultra-thin.


Under the wacky-but-sanitary category, I put the Wi-Fi enabled trash can and the smart hair and tooth brushes.



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Image from Lenovo


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